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Local server setup

To easily test your scripts, starting a local server is a necessity.



Same setup, see server setup.


  • when the VM is up, type docker-machine ip to get the VM server ip
  • create a directory somewhere for the server
  • create a bash file in this directory
mkdir -p data
docker rm -f shinsekai
docker run --net=host -it --name shinsekai -v $(pwd)/data:/shinsekai/data archzenvald/shinsekai-server
  • in the docker console, go to your server directory using cd and launch the bash file

At this point you should have a server running, Ctrl-C x2 to close it.


  • in the server.cfg, set an empty master.url to prevent the server to be added to the server list
  • in your client.cfg, configure the autoconnect with for GNU/Linux or the result of docker-machine ip for Windows
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